Auvergne Nature





In the campsite nature is the queen. We planted for you berries: raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, blueberries. The kitchen squares are at your disposal. All plants come from organic producers. Children will love to find strawberries, discover zucchini, chew a radish, see a flower potato … It is with pleasure that we will lend you gloves and tools if you want to get your hands dirty. You will harvest your aromatic herbs for your little dishes in the garden of flavors.

Here, no pesticides and all the products of interviews carry an ecolabel. It’s the least thing for a nature camping in Auvergne.


Our campsite is also a refuge LPO (League for the Protection of Birds): we are committed to biodiversity, we create conditions conducive to the installation of fauna and flora, our apiary testifies.



Let yourself be told the legend of the Count’s daughter who plunged into the waterfall of Beaume 30 minutes from the campsite. Come walk along the river. At the heart of the summer enjoy the spray of the waterfall, in any season you will love this ride in the heart of unspoiled nature. From there, 17 km further, it is worth to push to the lake of Bouchet. Imagine that your child draws a volcanic crater lake. That’s it, it’s a blue circle. That’s exactly what you’ll see: a perfect blue circle in a green box!


Take the time to build a cabin in a « pinatelle ». In the 19th and mid-20th century bakers in the region used only pine wood. During the winter, the peasants cut branches on pines they had cut. Eighty years later, the trees remember and look like living sculptures and choppy. We will show you 2.5 km from the campsite or before arriving at Puy en Velay.


The area completely covered with water from a huge lake? Yes it was true 40 million years ago. The proof: in Corboeuf ravine there is up to 40 m height of clay arranged in colored layers. This is the remains left by this lake. We are amazed and delighted every time we go there.


“Dyke”, “Suc”, “Puy” will have no secrets for you! It seems that there are 300 volcanoes in Haute Loire!

For the 36 volcanoes that are:

you have beautiful activity ideas!