Haute-Loire English

On the way between our campsite and Le Puy en Velay, the Saint Vidal fortress will tell you stories of the French History. During the visit, you will be surprised in every room ! A big show with costume actors and new technologies animations. We can offer you a coupon to get a discount on the entrance fee.


The Polignac fortress, located 10 kilometers away from the campsite, will make you travel in time and get a glimpse of the Middle-Age. Erected on the top of a rocky spur and protected by the cliffs, the fortress fought several invaders. We really like the fortified remote island appearance.

Polignac’s who’s who : a member of the Polignac’s family maried a Grimaldi’s daughter. They had a son, nobody else, than Prince Rainier, father of Prince Albert, actual sovereign of Monaco.


Near the campsite, you can visit the small village of Allègre. Its ruins of the old castle « la Potence » will offer you an amazing frame to take a panoramic picture of the Velay plateau.


Across the village, you can hike around the ancient crater of the Mount Bar, through a wonderful peatland, where a quizz game for children is settled up on signs along the path.